For those who love the True Tuscan Kitchen, the Stosa “Menu" has been enriched by two new models that will win over even the most demanding tastes at first sight.
You will soon find them at our sales points, come and discover them!


York: the perfect blend of past and present



York strikes the perfect balance among simplicity in shapes, elegance in volume, and design innovation. This model is ideal for furnishing your kitchen space in good taste and with a touch of design, alongside a pronounced garage feel. It is characterised by oak framed doors with raised panels, which can be either slatted or smooth, in veneered oak featuring knots and light fissures. The colour palette for the York kitchen includes finishes that do not completely mask the wood’s appearance so the natural state of the oak is visible, which is precisely what is special about York.

With the different Stosa brand accessories (open elements in sheet metal; metal shelves; new tables, chairs and stools), this model can take on a more classic feel or one that is quite contemporary, satisfying the tastes of those who enjoy focusing on the present whilst keeping an eye on the past.



Infinity/Diagonal: the pleasure of the senses

Infinity by Stosa is the modern design kitchen in which beauty meets the most advanced functionality, for a design that is intelligent and extremely customisable. The harmony and balance that characterise its shapes lend this model an elegant demeanour for a very liveable kitchen environment. The unique element of this model is the innovative Diagonal opening system where the handle is mounted directly to the door, which in turn is finished with the exclusive 40° angled cut, making gripping and opening easier with respect to the doors found on the market that have a 30° angled cut.

This particular cut emphasises the overall linear effect, with a greater propensity for diagonal lines, that indeed gives it its name. Infinity’s colour palette is full of nuances in captivating tones that intermix with a play on texture. The new Décor finishes, Cemento and Calce, lend materiality to a kitchen that bears an essential design, creating the perfect balance between the satisfying tactile feeling of the material and the visual harmony of the colours.