From the partnership between Stosa Cucine and GRASS comes an exclusive product for the Tuscan brand: the new TAVINEA cutlery tray.
Organising becomes a way to create a specific look. This, all thanks to the combination of durable materials like aluminium and natural ash, as well as the quality, which comes out in the details. No other system combines the functional and the emotional so harmoniously the way the new TAVINEA accessories do.

91 mm of pure emotion. The distance between two modules is 91 mm: it’s not a science, it’s experience. TAVINEA gives you a grid that can hold any object, so it goes with many solutions both in the kitchen and living room, where it morphs into a practical divider-object holder.
Fixed structure, dynamic elements. TAVINEA is a modular system of drawer organisation, a standard solution which yet can be customised in so many ways. Think diagonally: you can tilt modules 45 degrees to create modern-style compositions.
Anti-slip mats. Made out of a high-tech material that goes the extra mile. They’re not just nice to look at: the high-tech surface absorbs unwanted sounds and guarantees an anti-slip effect. Odourless, antibacterial, easy to clean even in the dishwasher.

Once again, the two brands form an auspicious partnership with a product exclusively made for Stosa Cucine